Euro Trip? Czech Prague off the List!

Prague, aka the City of a hundred spires, is a UNESCO World Heritage site dubbed as one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. The country Czech Republic is located in Central Europe bordered by Germany, Austria, Slovakia and Poland. The quaint city is rich in history and varied collections of architecture from Romanesque to neo-modern art.

The currency used in Prague is basically the Czech Koruna but some stores would accept Euros. Currency exchange shops are everywhere as well as ATMs so worry not when you run out of cash. Toilets are available but they normally charge about 10-30 CZK for entry. I preferred going to a coffee shop like Costa where the receipt would provide the lock code for their toilet.

In our trip, we stayed for two days in Prague and I believe that was enough to see most of the wonders of old town Prague. We booked a 24-hour Tour Bus so we could wander around the city at a minimal cost and was a less tiring way.

Let me share with you how you can enjoy a weekend in old town Prague without spending and walking a lot.

1. Take a 24 or 48 hour tour bus. For £20 a day, you can hop on and off the City Sightseeing tour bus on a red, blue and purple line which can guarantee to take you to the must see places in Prague.

2. Prague Castle. The unmissable Gothic St. Vitus Cathedral is so picturesque inside and out. You can enter the cathedral for free but there is an entrance fee to see further into the cathedral.

3. Try the doughnut ice cream cones. We bought one at 150 CZK (£5) and I promise you, they’re worth it.

4. Walk around the town square at night. The illumination on the Church of our Lady before Tyn is such a spectacular view. You can also get food such as sausages, ham and beer from the nearby stores.

5. Have a panoramic view of the city at the Charles Bridge museum. We paid CZK100 pp which wasn’t too bad. That’s a good way to have a look at the colourful buildings and architecture surrounding the city. Needless to say, don’t miss walking the Charles bridge.

6. Visit the Jewish quarter

7. Don’t forget the souvenir shopping. I have seen a lot of selection of artsy and different kinds of souvenir you can get in Prague; from keychains up to crystals. We got ourselves a clock that resembles the astronomical clock in old town square.

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