10 Tips to Enjoy 2 Days in Edinburgh with Your Parents

Just before winter, I brought my mum to Edinburgh, Scotland – her third official country to visit outside the Philippines. It was a 2-day holiday, just her and I so I had to be organised and knowledgeable about the trip. My mum is 67 years-old who suffers from the pain of rheumatism so as much as we could, we tried to lessen the long walks in that weather.

It was the second weekend of November and we were lucky that it didn’t rain when we were there. The weather was as cold as 5°-11° but the constant walking on the Royal Mile kept us from freezing. There are many things to do in Edinburgh but when with the parents, I think it’s best to do what is best for yourself and for them for we are more capable to adjust than they are, physically. Here are few tips on not just about surviving, but also to enjoy the wonderful capital city of Edinburgh.

1. Consider the weather

My mum is not used to the cold weather so I made sure she brought two coats, a scarf, pair of gloves and a hat. It is important that they are comfortable with what they wear so I advised her to wear trainers or flat boots. I advise to check the weather before booking the transportation to enjoy the most of your stay.

2. Take them to Edinburgh Castle

It’s a bit of a trek, I know. But the external and internal view of the castle will surely diminish the pain their knees would feel when climbing up the stairs. My mum loved the view of the city from the top of the castle. Before she knew it, we were descending down the stairs and she had already seen the top of the castle.

3. Take a tour bus

We paid £14 for a senior tourist ticket that lasted for 24 hours from the time we first hopped on the bus. I think  it was the best way to take parents to the other parts of the city and at the same time show them the areas that their tired feet may no longer be able to get to. My mum enjoyed an entire loop and was comfortable to just stay on the bus until she felt the need for a restroom break.

4. Shop for souvenirs with them

There are too many lovely Scottish souvenirs to take home! From tartan scarves to Scottish men calendars, a lot of shops can be found on the Royal Mile. I bought my mum some post cards, a fridge magnet and a lovely scarf.

5. Treat them to afternoon tea

Unless your parents are diabetic, I would suggest booking an afternoon tea. Find a good deal in Groupon if you want to save.

6. Take them to St. Giles cathedral

The view inside the cathedral is mesmerizing and there is no entrance fee. It is located close to the castle at the Royal Mile.

7. Visit the Scottish National Gallery

That was one activity I planned for us to do, but due to restricted time, I was not able to take my mum there. No entrance fee and it’s near a bus stop so getting there is convenient and surely entertaining.

8. Walk down the Royal Mile

Like in my post Edinburgh: Best Things To Do in 2 Days, I highly recommend wandering down the Royal Mile and see the shops that offers souvenirs, scarves, sweets and a lot more Scottish stuff.

9. Take a lot of pictures of them

A lot of people, young and old, likes to have their photos taken on their holidays – and my mum is one of them. It was a great chance for me to practice photography with my mum because she was patient and was always game whenever I asked her to pose and smile at the camera. 

10. Just take your time and savour the moment

We know that they will not be with us forever so enjoy the time while your parents can travel with you. Avoid arguments and be more understanding. Remember that as the older persons, they will be the less capable ones to do a lot of things on a holiday. 

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