What To Expect in Birmingham Oktoberfest


We all know that Oktoberfest is the world’s largest beer festival held annually in Germany and authentic German beer and food is part of the Oktoberfest. So what were they doing in Birmingham!?


Here are some information about this event according to their website http://birmingham-oktoberfest.co.uk

In 2014 we launched the Birmingham Oktoberfest.

We all know that authentic German beer and food needs to be part of Oktoberfest. Birmingham Oktoberfest is about much more than German beer!

Over one long weekend you can experience everything that makes a real Oktoberfest. We’ll have live music, full Oktoberfest decoration. Setting up a giant tent for 1,400 people, we will bring you the feeling of being in an authentic Oktoberfest Tent in the middle of Birmingham.

Blue and white colors characterize the tent and our waitresses and waiters are dressed in Dirndl and Lederhosen. The tent is filled with long tables.

We serve delicious giant beer specially made for Oktoberfest, and it is certain that you will not sit for long before you want to sing along and maybe stand on the benches.

So…….. How was my first experience at Birmingham Oktoberfest?

It was my first Oktoberfest experience in this city. Matt and I went for an 11:30 – 4:30 PM session with the vouchers we bought in Groupon. The ticket costs £22 for two people and that includes the entrance fees, half pint of beer, bratwurst and a miniature bottle of Underberg. The package costs £43.20 but it’s on offer at £22 so why not get the deal?


This is the normal price of the voucher inclusions

Entrance Fee – £10

Half pint beer – £2.90

Bratwurst – £5.80

Underberg – £2.90


We came in at noon time and the queue was not bad. Once in, we had to look for a table to join. We sat at the table near the staff area and thought that way, we can get our orders straight away. After eating our meals, we decided to sit closer to the band and the dance area – good decision we made because as time flew, it only got more fun.


Here’s the 3 easy steps to follow to enjoy the Brum Oktoberfest.



Was it safe? Talking and dancing to some random strangers did not make me feel unsafe.


Did we get drunk?If I remember it correctly, my husband had 7 pints of beer in total while I had 6 pints of Cider that we finished in 4 hours. Neither of us remembers how we got home. I think your guess is as good as mine.


One thing for sure, we will do it again next year. 

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