10 Things You Need to Know Before You Marry Your Filipina

So, you met her, and you fell in love with her. She is caring, sweet and has that lovely skin. She sees you as a Brad Pitt and makes you feel like you’re the king of the world. Now, you want to marry her, and you will do whatever it takes to bring her to your country – to be with you. You think you will have a happy-ever-after with her and she will be the mother of your kids…. Hold on there, Romeo. Before you ask her to marry you, let me tell you 10 general things about the lovely women of the Philippines. This may either make you love them more or doubt the power of serendipity.

1. They are hospitable

That’s one of the traits that I am proud of about Filipinos. I have not seen people as entertaining and accommodating to strangers like my countrymen, especially to foreigners. We would offer food whenever a visitor comes to our house. We would let friends have a sleepover even if that would be on the couch because we do not have a lot of bedrooms in the house. When we talk about drinking, that does not always mean to go to a pub. We enjoy doing that at home while eating nibbles prepared by the wives. 

2. They are religious

The Spanish invaders introduced Catholicism to us and most of the Filipinos are Catholics. We have thousands of churches and different beliefs but, no, we do not require you to join our religion yet we expect you to respect what we believe in. We do not need you to worship God but we do not want you to dishonour Him. Don’t be surprised when in the Philippines, they would start any activities or events with a prayer. Faith is something that the country that has gone through a lot hold on to.

3. They are family oriented

When I say family oriented, I mean a large family. We love our families and adore kids. We respect the elders and most of us did not come from a well-off family thus, we value education and believe that finishing our studies will be the key to escape poverty. We are usually raised by our hardworking parents up until they get old, therefore they don’t get to save money for their retirement. Because of that, we would pay back by supporting them when they’re old. We did not wish for it, but we know how to look back where we were from. If you cannot understand our love for our family especially our parents, then you would need to think twice if you can deal with this fact because I’m telling you, we strongly believe that blood is thicker than water.

4. They love to sing

We love to sing in the shower, karaoke, and even at work. Not all of us are gifted with a lovely voice but we do not care, we will sing whenever we can. So don’t be surprised if a hang out with other Pinoy friends would mean us singing karaoke at home using our very own MagicSing.

5. They eat rice with every meal

As a tropical country, we easily lose our energy from the heat of the sun. To that, eating becomes a habit. Basically, we eat rice for lunch and dinner along with various dishes that are not limited to just your favourite, adobo. We may also cook the last dinner’s rice to be a fried rice in the morning’s breakfast. Expect that when you’re married to a Filipina, there will always be a supply of rice in the kitchen.

6. They have foods that you would find weird

Sour green mangoes taste better with bagoong

Eating rice daily is not the weirdest thing. You have heard about balut, bagoong, tuyo and other foods that you have never thought as edible. You need to prepare yourself for the smell of foods that are new to you. Some, like bagoong, may stink to you but we find that delicious. There are the streetfoods offering different parts of a pig and chicken. On the other hand, you know there are best dishes like caldereta, sisig, kare-kare etc.

7. They would send pasalubongs back home

That is how I pack some of my pasalubongs

Like I said in number 3, we are family oriented and we love to give back to the people when we reach the other parts of the world. This means being a gift for every single person she knows, despite already running late for the airport!! (That last sentence there was added by my husband haha) An international travel is a thing not an ordinary Filipino can afford. To that, receiving a souvenir from people who went to a trip abroad is so dear may it be chocolates, perfume, shampoo, corned beef, anything imported!

8. Their English is not perfect

English may be our official second language but most people do not speak English. We have more than 10 dialects that vary per region so don’t be surprised when your Filipina does not speak perfect English grammar (just like the author of this blog!). The language is being taught in school but not everybody embraces it  tight. We have been taught with American English in school so brace yourself for the American vs British English Language confusions. 

Just a thought, back when I was a student, my favourite subjects were Math and English – maybe that’s a sign that I’m destined to marry an Englishman named Matt!

9. They are beauty conscious

Most Filipinas adore the fair skin. I believe a big influence are the westerners and the Koreans who have silky fair skin. When you go to a store, you would find that most of the skin products such as lotion and soaps boasts about their whitening effect. Some Filipinos even take injectable that will help them achieve that fair white skin they want. I am one of those Filipinas who adore their morena colour though.

I believe that Filipinos have good personal hygiene.  Being in a tropical country, a day without a shower is a big NO-NO! 

10. They will look after you and your house

We are raised by our mothers to know how to do household chores. I used to know some men who would moan about how their son’s wife cannot cook rice properly or how they don’t keep the house tidy. I believe Filipinos are good in keeping a neat house and knows how to do chores that we can wash your clothes with our hands! Probably that’s one thing most westerners like about Filipinas, they know they will be in good hands of their Filipino wife. 


Disclaimer: The list is written by a Filipina based on her knowledge, experiences and observations. This may or may not be applicable to every Juana Dela Cruz. 

3 thoughts on “10 Things You Need to Know Before You Marry Your Filipina

  1. One of the challenges for us Westerners who marry a Filipina involves the relationship with the extended family, especially when it comes to financial support. The Western male and his Filipino spouse must meet half way. He must understand that by marrying a Filipina he basically married her parents so if they need help (ex if they need medication and have no money) he cannot refuse to send money. The Filipino wife however should set clear boundaries between what her extended family REALLY NEEDS (food, medication etc.) and WANTS (a new tricycle, a new cellphone etc.). If too many Filipino relatives rely on the Western husband of a Filipina and she does not set limits this may cause big misunderstsndings.
    Anyway I agree with everything you mentioned.
    Salamat sa artikulo mo
    Eduardo taga Italya

    Liked by 1 person

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