Memoirs of a Travel Themed Wedding

My wedding bouquet arranged by myself and my mother-in-law. Image by Monika Szmidt

The 1st of April 2017 was the best day of my life when I married my one true love. Since the day that we arrived in England, we only had 3 months to finish all the preparations and other wedding essentials from the invitations to table decorations. When I think about it, I still could not believe that we were able to finish them all in time. Glad to say, the hard work and sleepless nights paid off.

Image by Monika Szmidt

Matthew and I love to travel and the fact that we came from different parts of the world gave us the idea to have a travel themed wedding. I chose to DIY most of the wedding decorations to help lessen the wedding costs and at the same time, to show my creativity on the big day.

The invitation

What is the most important travel document? The passport. To that, we opted for a passport style wedding invitation. I’m glad we found the online. They offer a range of wedding template designs, which can be personalised with your names and wedding details. The invitations come with an envelope and a boarding pass themed RSVP card.

For our invitations, my husband and I made a draft of how we want the invitations to look like as well as the layout we wanted it to be using the photos from a mini engagement shoot we had in Japan and we are very pleased with the result. Even the guests sent us their RSVPs with compliments about the creative invitations they received.





The cake

Image by Monika Szmidt

For our wedding cake, we wished to have two layers of vintage suitcases topped with a globe. I love cakes! And I am very meticulous when it comes to the design. I found a local baker named Sadie on Facebook and we are very happy with the result. When we first met her, she expressed excitement about making this incredible design. Our bespoke cakes were a delight from the start to finish. She has been very professional and passionate about making the cake we wanted. You can see how carefully she added the details in the right places. She made sure she adds UK and Philippines passport, a wine,  a cup of coffee, flags of the two countries and the cherry blossoms. She also added a bonus picture of our little one in a frame. The result was even better than we could have imagined and they tasted amazing! I would highly recommend her. To see more of her incredible cakes, visit her Facebook page

IMG_E3290Image by Monika Szmidt

The Decorations

Image by Monika Szmidt

Pinterest had been my best friend during the times when I was a stay-at-home mum during the day and a bride at night. There are thousands of travel themed wedding ideas on Pinterest, but I only chose those that are doable with all the resources I’ve got. Coloured card board and shape punchers had been a great help as well as the cutting board that I used for the table and souvenir labels.

Image by Monika Szmidt

Each table had a picture of us taken on places we’ve been to. Thanks to FreePrints the printing costs have been minimised. 

There were also three small vases of flowers per table which my husband and I DIYed. I decorated jam jars with a pale blue organza I got from a garden centre. Each vase has tiny white pebbles in it. My amazing Matthew decorated the flowers – very impressive!

Image by Monika Szmidt

For the place cards, Matt printed the names on stickers that I cut out individually, pasted to a red cardboard which I covered with the same pale blue organza – because I really liked using it! 

Image by Monika Szmidt

The venue itself had been a magical place. I’m glad that we chose Moor Hall as the place where the ceremony and the reception has taken place. They made us feel like a King and a Queen on our special day. We were very pleased to be assisted by the manager, Jamie. They also gave us a gift, a picture frame with our names and wedding date carved on it. We were also delighted by the good job done by the supplier of the chair covers, Sue Lane.

Image by Monika Szmidt

To add to the venue decorations, I created two huge frames composing our engagement photos in Mancheser and Japan. All the decorations below were created by hand. The part that I struggled the most is the 3D letters covered with a map. 

Image by Monika Szmidt

That Royal Mail post box I made out of cardboard. It may not look legit but at least we did not spend a fortune for an iron post box.

Image by Monika Szmidt

The Backdrop

Image by Monika Szmidt

My sister-in-law and her husband took charge of the backdrop that people used as background when they took photos.

The Wedding Favours

I have not met anyone in England who does not like dried mangoes so for that, we have packed dried mangoes to keep the guests energised for the evening. The ladies received pashmina scarves and the men received bottle openers. All of them were bought in Manila just before we left my country.

Image by Monika Szmidt

The Table Numbers

We wanted to use three-letter airport codes instead of the usual table numbers. Matthew printed them out and I just pasted them on some printed cardboards I bought from The Works.

Image by Monika Szmidt

The Seating Plan

I DIYed an airport board seating plan. I simply typed the names on Excel spreadsheet, coloured the texts with yellow and filled the boxes with the colour grey and printed them on an A0 paper then framed it.

Image by Monika Szmidt

It’s been nearly two years since the wedding day but looking back at the outcome, I can say my husband and I’s combined effort to come up with a travel theme wedding paid off. I guess no matter what the theme you desire is, as long as both of you work hard and find time for it, anything is possible.

Image by Monika Szmidt

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