Family Travel: A Day Out at Warwick Castle


It was a beautiful sunny Saturday so we decided to visit Warwick Castle, the historical medieval castle which was developed from an original built by William the Conqueror in 1068. It is only a 37 minute drive from where we live and as a member of the English Heritage, we thought that the ticket prices would not be that bad. On that same day that we planned to visit, we bought a ticket for my mum through online booking but there was no option for senior citizens so we had to pay £27 for her ticket (only a £1 discount from just buying on the day). To my disappointment, a concession ticket only costs £20 if you buy at the entrance but these are not available to purchase in advance . I strongly advise to get your tickets in advance for a cheaper price but if you have any concessions with you, this is not possible. My husband and I paid £14 each because we get 50% off the ticket price with the English Heritage membership.


The parking fee is £6 and it is a long walk from where we parked the car to get to the main gate; I would think about a half hour walk! Its also not the easiest walk with a pushchair or elderly party member. When we got to the sales office, we had to queue for about another half an hour as there are only 4 lanes and they fill up fast at peak times. This is where the advance tickets would come in handy again as they can be downloaded to your phone, avoiding the need to queue.

Once in, your eyes would be fascinated by the main attraction itself – the huge Warwick Castle. 


Inside the castle is a space for picnicking – perfect because we bought our own snacks. There are several stores in the premises but expect them to charge a little too much. The place is a perfect space for children to run around  or dress up as knights or princesses. It also offers great scenery that would register perfectly in the camera. The castle is an impressive size so be prepared for a lot of walking up and down towers!


Aside from the castle there are many other spectacles on offer there, some free, others not. You can see falconry, archery or a working trebuchet! We did not try the other paid tours they offer because the time was not enough to wander around, climb up and down the towers and ramparts and watch the shows. Before we left, my son spent some time in the Horrible Histories Maze. If you want time to do everything here I would advise to get there as soon as they open at 10am or go for a 2 day ticket.


The castle is normally open from 10am to 4pm, depending on the date or event. I do not think it would have been a great visit if the weather was bad so make sure you check the weather before planning your visit. Surely, we had such a pleasant day but, in my opinion, I think the tickets are overpriced as well as the parking fee considering that we had to park so far from the castle. For more information about the Warwick Castle, please visit their website at


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