My Honest Review: Victoria’s Gourmet Tuyo

Tuyo (dried fish) is one of the many Filipino foods that I miss. A friend of mine gave me a spicy gourmet tuyo earlier this year which I really liked and ate it with rice every day. That is why when my mother got her visa to come over to the UK, one of the things I had to do was to give her my Filipino grocery shopping list and one important part of that is the gourmet tuyo. Unfortunately, my friend’s gourmet tuyo was bought from Mindoro. I was running out of time so I searched for another seller online. I tried to send Neri Miranda a DM on Instagram as well as one of her resellers but neither of them replied to me.

On Facebook I found Victoria’s Gourmet Tuyo and checked the photos as well as the recommendations from people who have tried her products before. I have seen that some of the reviews are from Pinoys who live abroad. I sent her a query and she responded quickly. The price of her gourmet tuyo is as follows:

Spicy                           140 Pesos

Original Flavour      130 Pesos

She offers free shipping for orders of 6 bottles or more.

I ordered a total of 10 bottles. Each bottle of gourmet tuyo weighs approximately 214 grams. As expected, it was in my lunch the day after my mum arrived here. The two of us shared the contents of one bottle in one meal. Somehow, I’m glad that my husband doesn’t eat tuyo nor bagoong so I can have it for myself although I have to share it with my mum because she likes it too.

The tuyo flakes are small but are guaranteed free of cartilage (or others would say, boneless!). It is soaked in coco-vinegar and (loads of) crushed garlic with a promise that the product is all natural. The tuyo tastes like normal but wasn’t salty. I have to add that after the first time I had this with rice, my stomach was unwell – probably because i had too much of the coco-vinegar as toppings on my rice. But by the third time I ate it, my tummy got used to it.

Overall, I give Victoria’s Gourmet Tuyo a rating of 7 out of 10. The price wasn’t too bad considering the free shipping and the excellent packaging of the products. I love the tiny bottles and I’m planning to use them as tea light holders. 🙂

I would rate the spiciness level to 4 out of 10. I’m a Bicolana so my standards are a little high. Victoria’s pleasant customer service is satisfactory but I would say that in my opinion, this gourmet tuyo does not meet my high expectations as gourmet, but I will surely buy again next time. If I can make a suggestion, I would recommend a flavour that is similar to bagoong to make it savoury and an option for increased spice level. 

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