How I Got my Provisional Driving Licence in the UK through the Online Application

I am grateful that our house is located next to a train station. I can go to work or go shopping in the city centre without the need to take a bus or a cab. But after a year and seven months of living in United Kingdom, I had to face the truth – I need to learn how to drive. As a mother, I believe it is important that I do not depend on my husband or cab drivers just to take me to grocery store, school or hospital. I also think it would be a big help to my husband if we take turns in driving for hours whenever we travel. 

There are two ways to send the application to DVLA but this blog post is about my experience with the online application process. If you opt for the application through the post, click this for more information.

To apply, one must be at least 15 years and 9 months old and be able to read a number plate from 20 metres away. It costs £34 to apply online and it can be paid by MasterCard, Visa, Electron, Maestro or Delta debit/credit card.

There are three easy steps to follow to get your first UK provisional driving licence.

  1. Register online via

You’ll need your Government Gateway ID in this step. Once you registered, just fill in the application form until it directs you to pay the fees. My husband submitted my licence application on the 26th of July 2018. I received an e-mail from DVLA that confirms my application and recognises the receipt of payment. I was also reminded in that e-mail to follow the next step.

2. Complete the Application form and submit the supporting documents.

After a week since we submitted the online application, we received a letter through the post that contained the application completion form D801(A). I sent the completed form along with my passport size photo, my BRP card and marriage certificate. I provided the latter because I used my married name when I applied online. 

Your completed application with the required identification documents must be returned to DVLA within 28 calendar days. Otherwise, the application will be cancelled and deleted and no refund will be issued.

3. Wait for the post.

Once DVLA has received your form it will be able to carry out the necessary checks and deal with your application as soon as possible. I posted my form and the supporting documents on the 15th of August and upon tracking, found that DVLA has received it the next day. I received my licence and my BRP with the Marriage certificate separately on the 8th of September. That’s 23 calendar days.


Once received, you can start using it to learn and practice how to drive. It can also be used as a valid UK ID.

The provisional driving licence is valid for 10 years – that’s plenty of time to make sure you pass the test! 🙂

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