Low Cost Ways to Send Money to the Philippines from UK

As a Filipino expat who supports her family back home, it is important for me to find ways to send money without costing a fortune. Fortunately, these days, there are other options to send money online besides Western Union. I do not suggest a bank to bank international transfer where transaction fee is such a big deduction from the original value of money once converted to Philippine Pesos. I have discovered that there are simple to use online money transfer services we can avail that come with discounts when you use them for the first time. So far, these are the three online remittance services I have used.


  1. Azimo

Azimo is an online remittance service with headquarters in London. It was launched in 2012 with the mission to make international money transfer cheaper, faster, simpler and easier to understand. Based on my recent experiences, Azimo’s transfer fee is £2.99 and money can be claimed after an hour in the Philippines through different options: directly to the receiver’s bank, cash pick-up, mobile top-up or even home delivery.

They have a rewards scheme that would give a first-time user a £10 discount. Check this link if you want to sign-up and avail a £10 off your first transfer. I could also get a £10 credit that I could use on my next transfer. 🙂



2. Remitly

Remitly is a digital remittance company that provides online money transfer services from desktop, tablet, or mobile device. It was founded in 2011 with headquarters in Seattle, Washington. I pay £2.99 service fee if I want the money to be available in 5 minutes. When time is not of essence, I choose the service where money is available in a couple of hours but would only cost £1.99 service fee.

The benefit of using Remitly for the first time is a much bigger rate than normal and free of service charge on your remittance. Click this link to sign-up now http://remit.ly/1txzsk


3. BCRemit

BCRemit is an online money transfer platform which aims to provide the lowest transfer fees in the market and be of service to migrant workers in Europe. In my experience, BCRemit required me to prove my identity by sending a copy of my ID, which I didn’t have the time to comply so after having used the service for the first time, I haven’t used it again. You can transfer money using online bank transfer for as low as £2.99. Click the link below to use the service.


For more information about how each of the above mentioned options work and ways to claim the money, please visit their websites.

I’m sure there are other affordable ways to send money to the Philippines. I am yet to use them but guaranteed, I will update this post once I’ve tried and tested them.

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