My First Festival Experience – Coventry Godiva Festival 2018

At age 27, I have just attended my first-ever UK Festival on September the 2nd. Back home, where I used to be an introvert, I would go to gigs but I have never gone to a proper festival like this one. Like they say, it’s never too late to try new things in life and I am so happy to say that my first experience was a spectacular one. Not to mention that it fell on that perfect sunny weekend! I made the right decision to wear a Forever21 floral summer dress that was kept in my closet since I bought it because the sun had been hiding recently.

I had heard about awful things that can happen in a festival but those did not stop the excitement in me. As a first timer, I didn’t know that opened bottle of drinks are not allowed so we had to drink a 2 Litre bottle of lemon flavoured water we brought with us just so not to waste it- Yep, some eagle-eyed security personnel saw that one bottle hiding under my son’s buggy seat.

Coventry Godiva Festival is billed as the UK’s biggest free family music festival organised by Coventry City Council with the support of its partners. The festival prides itself on offering the best of Coventry and Warwickshire backed up by top national artists and performers. Over 115,000 people have attended this 20th anniversary event that took place from Friday until Sunday of that weekend. In this big event, I was able to see Ronan Keating perform live! Yes, the Irish band, Boyzone’s frontman who I used to admire when I was 10! haha Other performers include The Neville Staple band, Kinetika Bloco, Afriquoi, Hazel O’Connor, Sunny J, Ollie Bond, Gosp-Ability, and Tony Christie.

There were several food stalls to satisfy the crowd from Chinese noodles to traditional fish and chips. You will never run dry because beer and cider stalls were on every corner. There were all sorts of family activities there that all ages can enjoy. My husband and I had a great time with the fairground rides while my 3 year-old, I believe, had the best time with the loud music in the rhythm tent.

The best thing about this festival is that entrance was free and so was the parking. I only wish we also went on the Saturday. Surely, we will attend again next year and I will bring my friends with me.

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