Japan Tourist Visa Application for Philippine Passport Holders with a Foreign Guarantor

Reminder: This post is a guide for Philippine Passport holders applying for a tourist visa with a Foreign Guarantor. For guidelines to another visa type, please visit the Japan embassy website.

There are various types of Japan tourist visa from the simple visit visa up to the one with guarantor may it be a Japanese national or others. In 2016, I have applied for a visit visa with a Foreign Guarantor twice. First one had a 15-days validity and in the second time, we applied for a month-long validity. There are instances where the applicant may be required to appear in person for interview.  Visa applications at the Embassy of Japan in the Philippines must be made through agencies accredited by the Embassy. For both applications, I went to RELI TOURS & TRAVEL AGENCY – SM Megamall & Southmall branches and paid 2,000 pesos each. My first application for a 15-day visa took 5 working days to get processed in Reli Megamall. My second one, a 30-day visa took ages. On the 10th working day, I made a follow up call to Reli Southmall and that’s when I learned that they already received it. Damn.

To apply for a Visit Visa, one must prepare all the necessary and supporting documents (optional) and then go to his/her chosen agency, submit documents and pay. It is strongly advisable not book flights without securing a visa. For a visa application with a foreign guarantor, the sponsor it the one to provide most documents so they should be aware of that.

Here are the requirements an applicant would need to apply for a Japan Tourist Visa with a Foreign Guarantor:

1. Philippine Passport

2. Visa Application Form

3. One 2×2 inches photo to be pasted on the application form

4. Birth Certificate of the Applicant –  NSO Authenticated

5. Marriage Contract – NSO Authenticated (if the applicant is married)

If the applicant has a used Japanese visa in either old or latest passport, requirements #4 & #5 are exempted.

6. Daily Schedule in Japan (TAIZAI NITTEIHYO )

7. Documents & Photographs etc. to prove relationship

8. Invitation Letter from the Guarantor in Japan

9. Guarantee Letter

10. Foreign Registration Certificate from City Hall

11. Proof of Income

a. Income Certificate (Shotoku Shomeisho) from City Hall.

b. Tax return certificate (Nouzeishomeisho: Form2) from Tax office.

c. Kakuteishinkokusho Hikae or Bank Certificate (Yokin Zandaka Shomeisho).

For a downloadable template of documents # 8 & #9, go to http://www.ph.emb-japan.go.jp/visiting/new%20visa/tourism.htm

In our case, we also provided Matt’s Japan Residence card and UK passport. For proof of relationship, I provided the message & call logs as well as photographs that we used in our UK Visa Application. For the second Japan visa application, I provided a cover letter to summarize my intent to visit Japan for 18 days and that I will be coming back to Manila because our UK flight will follow in two weeks when I get back.

Note that applicants are given three (3) months to submit additional requirements. Otherwise application will be terminated. All documents submitted for application will not be returned. Applicants can get information from accredited agencies when his/her application is pending.  When visa is granted, VISA FEE is FREE of charge (Philippine passport holder). When visa is not granted, the reasons of denial will not be disclosed. Applicants may apply again after six (6) month with the same purpose, unless there are emergency / humanitarian reasons, or application for different purpose.

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