A Last-Minute Halloween Costume

22 days before my last day at work, we held a small Halloween party at work. There were 6 teams and each should have had a representative for the costume contest. In 12 hours before the party, someone in the team where I belong asked me if I can represent our Poltergeist Team. I realized it’ll be my last chance to participate and since I have the confidence to do so, I complied.

It wasn’t easy to think of a costume for the Poltergeist Team as I haven’t seen the film. I googled the ghosts in the movie but they’re quite uninteresting. Then we decided we just do whatever we want to. Thanks to Google Images we found a skully witch we chose to make me look like.


I have a red hat and a black although bit floral dress. I remember I have a black corset so I used that to hide the flowers on the top of the dress. Somebody provided the flowers they attached on my hat and they bought me large size drinking straws to be my long black fingernails. Let me show you the outcome of a last-minute Halloween costume in which we spent money only for the face paint.









The contest consists of ramp modelling, a bit of a challenge, and a Q & A portion! I was awarded best in costume for that night. Well, I better say overall winner. What a way to make people remember me at work!

Removing all the paint on my face wasn’t easy. I washed my face with soap a couple of times but the only way it worked was when I wiped them away with wet tissue papers. It’s all worth it!

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