How Do I Deal With Stereotypes & Prejudices?

How do Filipinos see a Pinay with a White Partner?

There was a time when my Fiancé and I were wandering around Intramuros. A group of old “tambays” looked at us and I heard one shouted “Ang swerte ni Inday, naka-jackpot.”Upon hearing that, I was very upset. To a Tagalog gal, Inday refers to housemaids, and such words sounded like I am a gold-digger. Although I know in myself that love drove me to get into an interracial relationship, I felt so small that I immediately told Matt that I wanted to go back to the hotel and just chill. I didn’t tell him about what I heard. I kept it to myself and tried to be optimistic and not mind what people will say.

Then recently, I have read this comment from a British-Filipina actress criticizing a Pinay in England. I wonder what her mom would feel if she sees her daughter’s post since she is married to a British citizen herself. Most of the comments I read in the blog were even more mean and degrading.


I keep hoping that one day, the shallow minded citizens open up their minds and believe that love isn’t limited to where we currently are. They criticize us for falling for someone from another country and judges the reason why we do yet they don’t see that probably, some has had a bad past from our own nationals that we realize foreigners who has better upbringing and culture are much better as a lover.

I am still adjusting to it. I have accepted the fact that a lot of people wouldn’t understand and would judge us. It’s none of their business how I live my life. As long as I know I am not hurting anybody and that my intention is sincere, I don’t have to be afraid to show the world that I am a Pinay with a British Husband-To-Be living my life to the fullest.

Ps. It’s not my fault that I find foreigners more attractive and manly than Pinoys.

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