Travelling as a Couple: 2 Nights in Puerto Gallera

As a Filipina Fiancée of a man who grew up in the United Kingdom, I feel the need to bring Matt to places that they don’t have in England. He had already been to many places around the world  but I realized I should take him to awesome places in my own country whenever he visits me.

I took him to Puerto Gallera in August because it is not too far to travel from Manila (bus & ferry ride) and I’ve been there twice before so getting there wouldn’t be a problem. He loved the place and I was so happy that my surprise vacation for him turned out really fine. Unfortunately, the waves were high during that time so we didn’t get a nice swim and for some reason, he got an upset stomach before we left the place. Still, the proposal made the entire holiday memorable.

I booked the accommodation for 3d2n via Puerto Gallera Online Services which said my agent was Malou Lineses yet I was never contacted by her. I got a confirmation through email after I paid a 50% down payment 2 weeks before the intended travel date. When we got to Batangas Pier, two guys hurried to us and when I said I was booked to Father and Sons, they followed us all the way to the terminal and right before we entered the terminal, asked for a tip. Too bad I was generous to fall into it.

The agents in Father and Sons just gave us a tiny piece of papers that said the ferry name and terminal number. Upon getting on the ferry, we were stopped because we had no tickets but that damn piece of paper. I was too busy not to notice that we didn’t have tickets. However, the guy didn’t insist as I said I paid it online as a package. The let us in.

I suggest tourists not to avail this online services but to make a DIY instead of a package since I didn’t actually get a discount when I computed the expenses had I done it DIY.  the contact person who received my payment deposit never contacted me and also, since it wasn’t peak season, I could have gotten a better accommodation if I didn’t get a resort ahead of time. Lastly, learn to say NO to locals who sell useless stuff or ask for tip. 

Below are some of the photos taken from Matthew and I’s first time on a beach together.














The activities we paid for 2 pax:

Jetski – 1,000

Parasail – 2,000

Snorkel – 2,300


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