How to get a Philippine Passport for Infants

Just last week, my mom, my baby boy and I went to DFA South – Alabang to get him a passport.

He is 11 months so I didn’t have to book him an appointment. Same thing goes for senior citizens but this post is about the easy steps we did to get a passport for an infant.

What we brought with us are the following:

  • Applicant’s PSA birth certificate
  • Mother’s Passport
  • Presence of Both
  • If parents are married, marriage certificate is necessary

Important reminder: Do not come without somebody to assist you with the baby because there are forms to be filled out. If the child doesn’t show up with either of the parents, there will be another requirements.

Step 1 – Show the mother’s passport and child’s birth certificate to the registration personnel. They’re in the front desk right when you come in. The mother will be asked to log in a sheet of paper.

Step 2 – Verify your documents and choose if you want an express result (9 days) or the normal which is 15 days.

Step 3 – Pay to the cashier. 1,200 PhP for the Express and 950 Php for not.

Step 4 – Photo taking. The personnel will assist you with the picture taking of the infant. Don’t worry about getting a proper shot, the staff knows how to handle that.

If you would want to receive the passport via courier, you may avail of their service.

We went to DFA on July 19th and I collected the passport on July 28th.

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